Live witness of more than a hundred years of the history of Buenos Aires
Today at the forefront of Tango
With its show it goes through a whole era in a luxurious and distinguished way
And it writes the first page of the next history…

Every night 21 artists on stage invite you to share a unique night.

Brief History of Tango

After being born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the tango started taking shape.

The dance was an essential element to spread the genre, a dance with a cheerful and vivacious rhythm, and with a sad and emotional one as well.

The lyrics also became important, with every singer providing them with their personal mark. Among the most outstanding ones, Carlos Gardel, “El Zorzal Criollo” (“The Creole Thrush”) shone there, an unquestionable promoter of tango, who used to attend this historical “Café de los Angelitos” since its foundation in 1890.

The tango reaches its peak of popularity in the 40s, the era of poetry and of the large orchestras. The radio and the cinema significantly contributed to take it to a period of splendour up to the early 50s.

Between the 60s and the 70s, the popular preferences were oriented to other genres; however, the tango had a moment of special creativity in its modern variants, particularly with Astor Piazzolla. In the 80s, with the Argentine Tango Company, the genre was a sensation in Paris and in Broadway.

Today “this sad feeling that is danced” has aroused the interest of the youngest generations and some composers have surged who cultivate the Electronic Tango which is already heard worldwide. In this show we give expression to the different stages the Tango goes through.

Thus, this Coffee House attended by great personalities for more than a century, is proud today to reopen its doors to receive new visitors who will take delight in our dance and our music in a unique, incomparable show.


In the most elegant place of the city of Buenos Aires, with its delicious gourmand gastronomy, we invite you to share a unique night.



  • Salmon Gravlax on toasted brioche and potatoes in dill emulsion
  • Crispy Philo with Duxelles of mushrooms and sautéed vegetables in Curry carrot coulis.
  • Golden onion tart with Genovese pesto goat cheese.
  • Baked “empanadas” stuffed with chopped meat.

Main course:

  • Angus steak (Bife de Chorizo) with rustic style potatoes and caramelized onions.
  • Portobello mushrooms and smoked bacon stuffed chicken roll with quinoa risotto, peanuts soft cream and grilled almonds.
  • Pumpkin, blue cheese and nuts spinach ravioli with vegetables and fresh olives sauce.


  • Chocolate and Cointreau mousse with strawberry coulis, nuts praline and ice cream
  • Dulce de Leche creme brulée.
  • Pears in white wine and saffron with ice cream.
  • Phyllo rolls with a banana split, caramel apples and ice cream.

Drinks included:

  • Wines from Bodega La Rural:
    • San Felipe Red Wine.
    • San Felipe White Wine.
  • Mineral Water
  • Soft drinks.
  • Beer.


Starters, Main course and Desserts equal to the VIP MENU

Drinks Included:

  • Wines from Bodega La Rural:
    • Trumpeter Red Wine.
    • Trumpeter White Wine.
  • Mineral Water
  • Soft drinks.
  • Beer.



  • Gravlax of salmon on toasted brioche and potatoes in dill emulsion.
  • Crispy Philo with mushrooms duxelles and sautéed vegetables in curry carrot coulis.
  • Tart of tomatoes, golden onion and goat cheese.
  • Onion and goat cheese tart with Genoese pesto.
  • Carpaccio of smoked deer on bruschetta’s country bread and soft citrus cream.

Main course:

  • Sirloin strip steak Angus with rustic potatoes and onions caramelized.
  • Medallion of loin, burned tomatoes and gratin of potatoes in bordalesa souse.
  • Sweetened of lamb on ratatouille served in his juice.
  • Mediterranean chicken breast on a soft cream of spinach and Gratin of eggplant in a two cheese crust
  • Pink salmon in teriyaki sauce served with fine herbs rustic pure, cherry tomato and olives
  • Pumpkin, blue cheese and walnut ravioli in spinach dough with a three tomatoes sauce.


  • Cointreau’s chocolate mousse, strawberry and chocolate coulis, dried fruit praline
  • Dulce de Leche creme brulée.
  • Pears in white wine and saffron with ice cream
  • Phyllo rolls with a banana split, caramel apples and ice cream


  • La Rural Wineries wine:
    • Red wine Rutini Cabernet –Malbec
    • Red wine Rutini Cabernet –Syrah
    • Red wine Rutini Cabernet –Merlot
  • White wine Rutini Sauvignon-Blanc
  • Sparkling and still water, soft drinks and beer